walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Kitty Goes to War_, Carrie Vaughn (kindle)

Book 8 in the Kitty the Werewolf series.

In this outing, Kitty gets a call from the military, specifically, the woman who took over the government lab that under its previous operator kidnapped Kitty and filmed her Change. Turns out that while that previous operator did not start a military unit made up of werewolves, a guy in the service who was a werewolf long before joining up decide to do so on his own. His Special Forces unit did really great in Afghanistan until he was killed in a Big Enough Explosion and then the group completely fell apart. They didn't accept their new, non-werewolf commander and the guy in the unit who became the new Alpha wasn't able to maintain unit cohesion. So to speak.

In any event, they are down to three when Kitty meets them, and the alpha is unreachable. The other two, however, take up a chunk of the book while Kitty, Ben and the rest of the pack try to show them that werewolves don't have to be warriors, and can lead somewhat normal lives, to the extent that criminal defense attorneys and radio talk show hosts can be considered somewhat normal.

Meanwhile, the back story Long Game continues, as a Bad Dude shows up in town. He is introduced when someone accuses him on the show of having caused Hurricane Katrina among other "natural" disasters; his next act is to sue Kitty for libel and then show up in person at the studio to tell her he'll stop the suit if she'll apologize on air and say none of it was true. As Kitty and her pack are dealing with the disappearance of one of the two werewolves after their monthly full moon hunt, really bad weather hits Denver, and it appears that all the accusations were true, and furthermore, the Bad Dude has probably been hired by Evil, Extremely Aged Roman the Vampire.

There are Interesting Developments with Cormac.

It's a really good entry. It could have sucked horribly, if the PTSD werewolf warrior thing had been handled poorly, but Vaughn did a nice job. I look forward to the next entry in the series.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction

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