walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

further bike lust

There's a Chicago dealer for the Roland who has gotten in touch with me. I found him
(but not the Roland products) here:


There will be a new website shortly for the dealer, who is Jon Lind. It looks like I should be getting the add+bike sometime in February.

A new product for them that might also solve the 2 kids on a bike problem:


It turns out I've read great reviews of this product a while ago, altho I don't recall right at the moment if I blogged them.

And of course there's this:


Altho I'd need to make sure the seats were big enough for T., of course.

I'm very tempted right at this instance to order an ANT bike to attach the add+bike to, but in the meantime, I instead went out and gave the nice people at Taga my credit card.


Before they were available to buy, Henry Cutler at WorkCycles saw one at a show and said mildly favorable things. That and a clever little piece of video and I signed on the electronic line. R. is probably going to be a little pissed about yet another piece of wheeled crap to store, but I'm excited. This looks like I could take A. on the train to Boston and not completely exhaust myself.
Tags: bicycles

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