walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

bike lust

A. has outgrown the Bobike Mini leaving me with a problem: I no longer have a way to transport both children on the bike with me. What to do.

Here are my options (that I know of):


Add the Burley Moose Rack and Kazoo on the back, or the recumbent trailer bike or, I suppose, slap a Bobike Maxi back there and all is well.


Nothing else required; this is a complete solution.

Obviously, there's some sort of Xtracycle solution, but if you want to tell the cult to go, you know, there's always this option:



I haven't found a US distributor for any of these here. I've sent email to Roland directly and to Harris Cyclery re: the Roland, on the off chance someone wants to bite and help me out. Otherwise, I'm going to be spending some time on the phone to Belmont seeing if I can wave enough money at them to import one of these. If Belmont fails me, it's going to be some across-the-pond discussion about how to import something myself. It can be done; I've done it before. Just not with anything this large and complex.
Tags: bicycles

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