walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the randomness of recommendations

Months ago (possibly over a year, now) someone recommended Fringe and The Mentalist to me. When I had caught up on watching Eureka (fun!) and Warehouse 13 (not so great 1st season but improved in the second season, altho still not as good as Eureka), I figured I might as well try those other recommendations. After all, I hadn't expected much out of the two SyFy series, and I'd enjoyed both to one degree or another.

Turns out I _love_ at least the first few episodes (disc 1) of The Mentalist. Funny, tricky, the psychology doesn't make me nuts. Wow, am I ever hating the pilot of Fringe, however. I am not optimistic: the only thing I've liked that Abrams had anything to do with was the Star Trek movie. OTOH, kudos to whoever had the bright idea of putting naked mole rats in the storage unit with the weird experiments -- good visual. Ahem.

But it really does not make up for the rest of the pilot. Especially the really pretentious location titles scattered throughout. The looking up at the sky of Baghdad through the B of Baghdad was especially obnoxious.
Tags: tv review

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