walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Carried Away_, Kate Drury, Lois McNulty

Subtitled: True Stories from Letter Carriers Across America
Further subtitled: A book to celebrate letter carriers --- and our customers

This is an extremely rare bird these days: a new paper book (in this case paperback) that is not for sale on Amazon. You can buy it direct from the authors here:


It is thin. In addition to a variety of short descriptions of the experiences of letter carriers (by themselves, their surviving family members and/or their customers, or by journalists or writers for union publications), there are a few cartoons, some poetry, and some pictures of particularly novel mailboxes.

It is a quick read, and as with all primary source/oral history being written down, of highly variable quality in terms of literary style. But I don't think anyone reads a book like this for literary style. I think people read a book like this to get a sense of what life is like for someone they see a lot but don't know well, and haven't ever really thought about in any detail -- and this book serves that purpose admirably.

Absolutely worth the time. The authors were profiled on NPR locally, which is how I heard about it.
Tags: book review, non-fiction

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