walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

of blueberries and object permanence

There's some reason to believe A. likes blueberries -- she'll eat a NutriGrain cereal bar with blueberries. But she'll spit out a blueberry if she puts it in her mouth. I don't have a problem with this, and I also don't have a particular problem with her feeding me blueberries. There are some issues with letting her play with blueberries (notably, stains on furniture and rugs), but I'm okay with the tradeoff, if it convinces her eventually to swallow one.

In any event, today she was playing with a frozen blueberry and she dropped it. Blueberries -- especially hard, frozen ones -- are wont to roll, which this one did. Right under the pantry door. She was following it, and when it went under the door, she stopped, looked up at the handle, reached for the handle, opened the door, and then retrieved the blueberry.

This is in no way surprising (altho I've seen adults try to fish things out from under doors before thinking to open the doors and it took them longer than it took her to switch): this is, after all, the child you really can't hide a binky from. We store them in a bowl on a shelf too high for her to reach, but she'll try to train a new adult to reach them down for her and they are sufficiently well hidden that again, the adults have trouble finding them, even if told (by us) that they are looking for a bowl of binkies. It is also why I find standard assessment tests for things like object permanence unspeakably stupid. This is the kid who failed several of them, largely due to lack of interest in either the objects in question or the person quizzing her. At least the person had the sense to recognize that, and include it in the descriptive write-up.
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