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Since the rental car went back today (so far, they have not noticed that crease I put in the door. Hmmmm.), we cleared the toys out of it. Thus, the magna doodle toy, which he largely ignored while it was in the car, was sitting in the kiddie corral. While R. was off bicycling with M., Teddy and I played with it. By the end of the day, he'd figured out how to scribble with it, how to remove and replace the stamps (this is further than he's ever gotten with the wooden puzzles and they fit a lot tighter. Hmmmm.), and how to use the eraser. Wacky.

Yes, I know the toy is officially for older toddlers. Whatever. Lots of fun, and we don't need to worry about the walls, furniture, etc. getting drawn on. We also read a few books a lot of times (mostly Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Animal Time and Snuggle Puppy).

We had fun at the playground with some parents who were _very_ unlike us (formula feeding a three month old, who they later put into the toddler swing on the swingset. This is a baby that doesn't even remotely sit up on her own yet. And we worried about Teddy's neck being bent in the baby swing). Their three year old (so I'm wholly in agreement with their spacing) was a little shy, but invited Teddy to join her on the swings, which was fun. Her papa had at least two older girls by a previous marriage (possibly there was a third girl by someone else), plus these two. Apparently he doesn't shoot boys. They were all friendly and very relaxed parents, which I admire greatly.

Today's online shopping included an Aero Bed for Teddy, so he can nap downstairs (this is why I bought the basket and the hammock. Seems like I buy a lot of beds for him so he can nap where I'm doing stuff). We've also lined up some dealers to go visit about a minivan. We want a 2006 Odyssey, heated seats, navigation system, you know. The kind of thing that older, first time parents who are gearheads would want.

Next up: a treadmill. The criteria so far are: suspended, fold up and variable incline. I will now find out if these are mutually incompatible.
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