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When I went into Best Buy today, after e-cycling a couple things, I asked the helpful greeter person what the coolest gadget was. He pointed me at the iPad, which I already owned. Second choice was a 3D TV, which it turned out they had no functioning glasses for, so just a blurry TV. *shrug* I had not realized Best Buy bought Magnolia and turned it into a mini in store thing; that was weird. I felt like, once again, my home town was stalking me. It's not enough, apparently, that there are Starbucks everywhere.

In any event, I bought a Blu-Ray player and HDMI cable, and went home, where I sensibly left the box for my husband to deal with. It required a substantial firmware upgrade, probably to deal with potential encryption changes or something like that. Whatever, it wasn't my headache.

In the meantime, I decided to attempt to get some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse local to the iPad for my son to perseverate on while we are out of town. There's always YouTube for the theme song and the hot dog song, but I was worried that I'd chomp through a lot of bits on the 3G if the hotel's wireless didn't actually work out for us. Netflix, unfortunately, did not have Clubhouse episodes for streaming (which would not necessarily solve my problem anyway, altho it would give T. something to watch other than the theme song over and over and over again); iTunes did, however, have them for download. (Hunh. Does Amazon? Can I watch those on the iPad? Hmmm....) So I bought some Jack's Big Music Show, some Micky Mouse Clubhouse and one Blue's Clues episode. Which are taking for freaking ever to download, but I don't really care. Attempts to answer the question, can I play these on my MacBook, however, are murky. They are available over there for download, but it says if I download them on the MacBook, I can't download them elsewhere, but I can sync them. I don't really want them on the MacBook, so I'm not messing with it. The model for multiple devices is really different from Netflix and Amazon -- more of a hub and spoke, than a we know you paid for it so connect from anywhere and we'll play it for you model. I have to say, I really prefer the connect-from-anywhere model.

While I was waiting for the download, however, I decided to check out the maps software on the iPad. Wow. That is freakishly beautiful. It took me a minute to find the written directions, and along the way I stumbled across the compass feature. The gosh-wow factor on this device is intense. I commented that I'll never buy another navigator again. R. said, well, phone based stuff isn't great at knowing where you are, which puzzled me, because I was pretty sure this thing had a GPS in it. Which it does, since I have the 3G version.

I don't know what anyone else is using this expensive gadget for, but as a travel toy/tool, it is looking really bright, shiny and happy-making.
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