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Unseasonably warm weather

I don't know what the actual highs were here or in Boston, because I fled north of the notches to look at Arethusa and Ripley Falls. I did this by hiking up to Arethusa along the Bemis Trail, and then back from the falls along the main trail. I then drove to the AT/Ethan Pond trailhead, and walked up to Ripley Falls, and returned the same way. My guidebooks had indicated I could do a loop connecting the falls, but Rebecca Hiker Sense said, no f-ing way. If the hike was a dodgy one last week on account of northern facing location, then potentially dodgy brook crossings must be avoided, and there was more than one on the connector.

Boy, howdy. Was that a good idea.

I'm going to try to get back to the falls in a week or two when you can see them. Right now there's too darn much water (I realize that sounds inane, but trust me on this). I couldn't even get a decent picture of Ripley because there was way too much spray. But they were both pretty, and I saw over a dozen people out on the trail today.

The trails were a little muddy, a little icy, but mostly good, better than Acadia a few weeks ago, not quite as clear as Squam Mountains last Friday.

Sunday Roland and I walked all over World's End, on the South Shore, after going to a pleasant housewarming. Very nice, but pollution haze does suck. Saturday we did stuff around the house (lots of fun watching other people wash cars while I took pictures of the crocuses and daffodils) and went to the Abbey Lounge. Fun weekend, even got enough sleep.
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