walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

just found the netflix app for the ipad

Will I ever get anything done again? Probably not.

But then again, does it even matter? Today's activities included: taking 2 boxes and a bag of kitchen stuff to HGRM, and finding out from them that yes, they will take small appliances like a waffle iron and a rice cooker; taking a laserdisc player (complete with remote control and microphone) and a VCR to Best Buy to e-cycle them; buying a Blu-Ray player from the same Best Buy.

The two electronic items and most -- but not all -- of the kitchen stuff caught up with me a few weeks ago when Gentle Giant delivered the contents of my Seattle condo to me. I have been sorting through stuff left by me, stuff left by my sister, and stuff left by the renters ever since. It's been a good experience: the mudcloth curtains are up in the master bedroom, so you can take a real nap in there even when it is sunny outside; there are a lot of pictures up on the walls that I love, but hadn't seen in a few years; I have my old dining table back and we have more than enough chairs. But I also sort of feel like I'm living through an episode of Clean House. You know, one of the ones where they take a tour of the basement and hear the story about how somebody died and all their crap came to this house and has been sitting there ever since. That feeling is what has been keeping me moving through my own stuff.

I'm also starting to eye some of the kid stuff, and thinking I should make an appointment at the consignment store in West Acton to find out if they want any of it. There's a kiddie corral in particular that we will never use again.

For that matter, I need to bag up all the size 2 clothes and move the size 3 clothes from A.'s backup dresser to her main dresser. She's definitely outgrowing the size 2 stuff.

I should also get the Blu-Ray player out of the van. I hate to be the shop-and-drop person.

ETA: Oh, and if you are looking to e-cycle a cell phone, I have now discovered two options. In addition to Staples taking them, Best Buy has a bin by the entry in at least some of their stores where you can just drop it through a little slot. The other choices include rechargeable batteries, and a third that I've completely forgotten already.
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