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kindle coverage, once more into the foolishness


And before you go, well, it must just be one idiot that slipped through, this is signed "By the Monitor's Editorial Board".

There's one egregious and inexcusable error:

"Amazon, founded as a way to sell paper books over the Internet, now sells more books as electronic files"

Just the other day, I was saying that in the past, people talked about ebooks vs. physical books by invoking smell and touch. I said, it requires effort to even find a blogger or commenter producing that any more. Boy, did the Monitor's Editorial Board prove me wrong.

Here are a few blasts from the past:

"But what about long-form reading – novels, biographies, college textbooks? Aren’t they better digested through the tactile experience of paper pages, bound together in a book, easy to drop, easy to share?"

"Print lovers say nothing compares with the delights of cracking open a new paper book, feeling it in one’s hands, riffing through the pages, noting your progress as the right side stack of pages shrinks and the left side grows thicker."

On the whole, it is actually a reasonable article. It's just a few sentences that trip up the unwary reader.

Over here:


It could have been great coverage, altho this sentence weakened it:

"With a host of low-end tablets soon to arrive on the market from HP, Acer, and others, it is hard to imagine any company (except for Apple) making a serious profit margin on a digital reader." RHI the low end tablets about to show up are truly awful. This would not surprise me. The iPad is cool, and as a travel toy may yet really justify its existence, but it is definitely a solution in search of a problem. Maybe if I buy a keyboard for it?

Ron Adner does observe that Amazon stands to win if content is where the money is made. But he ends on this note: "Now that other companies are entering the digital reader space, it would be a mark of success, not weakness, if Amazon can exit the hardware business entirely."

Some heavy irony, given that other big news about e-readers in the last day or so is that the heavily publicized (and preordered!) Plastic Logic reader, the Que, has finally been shelved.

Here's what the WSJ said:


"More than a dozen companies have marketed or were planning to market e-readers, but prices have fallen so quickly that they will have trouble recouping their costs and building brand image."

Overall, better coverage than previous forays into the foolishness.
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