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The lid for the (mostly) indestructible le creuset wok has taken major damage: the paint has peeled and it has been dinged up and bent (I have the old metal lid, not the newer glass lid). Thus far, efforts to find a replacement have failed. Ideas welcome.

I also seem to be missing the lids for the rubbermaid mixing bowls and a frigoverre container. I'm guessing these disappeared during the huge destruction that happened when my sister was living in my condo. Compared to the really nice fans that went on permanent walkabout, this is incredibly minor.

I am now convinced I've opened every box. I have not, however, unwrapped everything. I determined that HGRM definitely accepts sets of glassware, so I'm going to be boxing a bunch up for them. I still have to get the laserdisc player and VCR out to Best Buy, but that's all the way out in Framingham, so I think I'll wait until I've collected all the stray electronic bits that are floating around.

I found the four Baccarat glasses today. I don't remember precisely what happened to the decanter, but I think it got broken somehow and I only have the stopper left. The glasses were wrapped in a single sheet of newsprint each, which was really hilariously funny, given how much extra wrapping there was around things that I picked up for fifty cents or thereabouts at garage sales.
Tags: daily activities, logistics

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