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I think I've opened all of the boxes (altho you never know; I just spotted one this morning I hadn't cracked), but I have not gone through all the contents. One of the issues is that there is a lot of glassware and related breakables. If I don't have a place to put them, I don't really want to unwrap them, altho I sort of am for sorting purposes.

I have already discovered the lovely fact that Staples will let you bring in computer bits and pieces (in this case, there was a dead cell phone, 2 all-in-one printer/fax/scanners and a keyboard) and they will recycle them in a way that is compliant with e-waste rules. At least at the Staples in my town, I didn't have to pay a thing; I expected to have to pay for the printers, but I did not.

I found a dead laptop that will be headed over there tomorrow. It looks like I will have to bring the laserdisc player (yeah, there was one of those buried in my condo somewhere -- complete with karaoke features and microphone) and the VCR somewhere else, probably a Best Buy.

I've also been attempting to find a place to donate kitchen equipment, because we have a lot of spares: stuff from R.'s days alone, my days alone, our days together in Seattle, and then what we actually use here at home. It's nice having some extra equipment to deploy for parties, but this is nuts. I think a bunch of that will be going to Home Goods Recycling of Massachusetts, conveniently located here in town and even more conveniently they have no-appointment-needed dropoff hours from 9-noon tomorrow.

I feel a little weird, that I had all this crap shipped across country to just get rid of a lot of it. However, it was difficult enough communicating things like _yes dammit I want all the chairs_, never mind getting into the details of glassware I didn't realize was in the condo in the first place. I've got a call out to C. to try to find out whether I should be hanging onto stuff that I don't recognize in the kitchen for her, or if I should just recycle all of that stuff. Some of it is Crate & Barrel, which is nice, but isn't necessarily our style; I'd hate to get rid of it if they want to keep it and are willing to at least meet us halfway in getting it.
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