walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: Bicycling!

It has been hot and I have been sick so it has been weeks since I've been out on the bike. Sure, I'd take A. out once in a while for a quick round the block in the evening. But we were even driving T. to and from preschool; it was just unpleasantly warm and we had negative memories of struggles last year when it was so hot.

But today, A. was happy to go to Staples with me to recycle a couple printers and a keyboard. She was not so happy to go to the doctor. Specifically, she was not getting in a car again. So instead, we rode the bike to the doctor. Gotta love being able to do that. We rode the bike back. Then we switched to the other bike, and a different seat for her (wow, the mini is really too small for her now; we'll have to put the bike tutor back on the bianchi) so we could take the trailabike for T. As we were headed out, L. arrived (B. was not here today because she has no transportation, and there was no window in our schedule to go get her or drop A. off). But rather than decant A. from the bike seat (which was cramped, but she seemed okay in), I headed out to go get T. L. and S. at the school helped us get settled with T.'s backpack, and get T. into his helmet and on the bike, then back home again.

Feeling really, really sweaty.

But the kids were basically happy. I was starving. L. fed A. while I grabbed pb&marmalade on an english muffin and repeatedly reassured T. that yes, we would go out on the bike again. Altho he wanted to switch back to the Townie. Go figure.

He didn't have any verbalized opinion about where to go, so I took us out to the consignment store where I bought a bunch of clothes for the kids and put a hold on some little tikes stuff (a kitchen and a shop thing).

Tags: bicycles, daily activities, logistics
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