walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Online Retail Therapy

During the stress of gearing up for Moving Day(s), I engaged in some last minute online retail therapy. I ordered The Learning Tower (which I'd been regretting not getting months ago, because I figured it would suck to have to move it, then using a chair and being terrified most of the time Teddy was on it), which is completely awesome. When Teddy is clambering around more, he'll be able to easily climb in and out of it, but the bars hit his shoulders at a level to remind him he's at the edge. Very good design. Incredibly stable.

I also ordered a Stokke Kinderzeat (the Tripp and Trapp chair), which is a funky looking children-to-adult chair. I assembled that last night (R. put together the Learning Tower) while R. had Teddy out for a walk. Very easy. Completely reversible, so it should travel/ship well. Pretty and very, very stable. Teddy seems very comfortable in it -- no more dangling legs, and a three point harness. We're going to drop it in the trunk to go over to a friend's house tonight. Tempting to consider bringing it to restaurants with us. The standard option is way too easy to climb out of, and about half the time, the buckles are missing or don't work.

And I bought a fresh round of diapers and covers, including some doublers which were probably all I really needed. Doublers rock.

In EC news, after several months of only occasionally catching pees, we've caught two rounds of poop in the toilet. This might work out after all; we just need to get some new seats, because installing a flip-n-flush on these will probably finish them off. They are quite rickety.
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