walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

things that were eaten at our house

Thanks to the glory that is T. wanting to "make", and leftovers:

I saw R. eating the last of the strawberry coffee cake.

I had pizza for lunch. The dough was this morning's "make". The toppings included the usual vegetation (mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, Eden's no sodium tomato sauce) and a little deli turkey and two Jennie O turkey sausages. The sausages were a particularly brilliant thought.

And A. and I had homemade chocolate chip cookies after lunch.

In the fridge, there is still some probably-should-be-tossed applesauce cake with chocolate chips, apple crisp (which I didn't have enough apples for, so it has some summer squash in it). There's even some black bean sloppy joe, and about a half a loaf of whole wheat bread.

The veggie drawer is currently drying out on the counter. I lost track of a half a cucumber in there underneath something else and it went very slimy.
Tags: daily activities
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