walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Back in Brookline!

The water heater works.

The washing machine works (R. installed new part and it worked).

The water was sulphur-y, but we ran it for a while, and now it is Nice.

We went grocery shopping, so we have food and the fridge works.

Biggest disaster so far: R. left his car door open, and the engine is so quiet (and I was so tired) I did not realize this until driving into the garage popped it closed. I was going slowly, but there is a crease in the door. This will be expensive. Hopefully, not too expensive. It's a Nissan Ultima. I kinda like it, actually, but I don't think it gets good enough gas mileage. But if the Versa's engine is this quiet, it will also be tempting (but I doubt it will be -- but their ads are fun).

We went to J. Beaner's for breakfast, and they had omelettes and homefries. Spinach, no kale. Bummer, but otherwise not bad.

Kid took an hour and a half nap, which was really good for me. I got a bit more sleep. As predicted, he did not fall asleep until about 2 a.m. local time. At least he slept to 10 a.m. He's awake now, tho, so off I go.
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