walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Ichabod Crane's banshee widow

I'm watching last night's Colbert Report, wondering once again what the hell a conservative (in this case, Laura Ingraham, called the subject line by Colbert in an earlier show) is doing making an appearance on this program. She brings up the "Ichabod Crane's banshee widow" thing (doesn't get it right, either). Stephen corrects her. Then she calls that "very controversial" and "Native American viewers might be". I can't figure out what she means. Banshee, unsurprisingly, is a corrupted spelling of bean sidhe -- not really Native American in any universe I can imagine. And I can't find any indication that Ichabod Crane or his widow were Native American.

So where does Native American come in?

Oh, wait. This is _Laura Ingraham_. She's an idiot.
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