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Carnoy of CNET interviews Freed of Amazon


I have to say, after reading this interview, that I overestimated Carnoy's intelligence. He asks the iPad v. kindle question several different ways, despite getting bounced every single time.

Q: How much of your growth is on the iPad vs. the kindle? A: 80% own a kindle. Oh, and we're seeing big growth on android.

Q: So, your market share compared to iPad? A: We're growing faster than AAP says the whole market is. You do the math.

Q: So, your market share compared to Apple and B&N? A: We've got 80%. Someone's math is wrong.

On the one hand, Carnoy asked the questions and got the answers. On the other hand, really? There wasn't anything he wanted to ask that might tell us all something that we _didn't_ already know? Wouldn't you want to know things like, say: did the kindle bring you new customers buying your books, or is it purely people who used to be customers? Are kindle owners people who have been Prime customers for a while? Has that improved the cost structure of Prime for you, or has it made it worse? Are kindle customers letting Prime lapse, or do they maintain it after buying books on the kindle for a year? When an existing customer switches to kindle, do they buy more books from you than they did prior to owning the kindle?

Wouldn't _you_ like to know the answer to some of those questions? Okay, maybe you don't care. But how about these: do you know anything about the ages of your kindle buyers and users? Has the demographic of people (by age, gender, or anything else you know about them) changed over time, or is it just more of the same type of people?

And the list of questions involving magazine subscriptions could just get crazy long.
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