walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

how come mama is posting at the airport?

Because papa + leash = safe and happy baby, getting lots of exercise so he'll conk out on the plane. I held him through lunch a few minutes ago.

Someone told us that baby harnesses are _illegal_ in San Francisco. I will be investigating (of course!).

The kid played for a while on the play structure at Seatac (went through the tunnel with only verbal prompting). He also played for a while on the pedestrian conveyors here at Midway. He can keep up with them going the wrong way -- he runs. Looks just like someone on a treadmill (cause basically that's what he's doing). Time to take him to the gym? I don't trust him to handle the dismount barefoot yet, tho, so I picked him up. Yes, he has to learn, but he's not even 13 months old yet. Seems a bit early.
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