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Are You Not Impressed?

Juxtapose this from the Chronicle (which is not impressed):

"That's just the equivalent of 6% of the total print book market, which remains tiny."

with this:

"Year-To-Date E-book sales of the 13 submitting publishers to that category currently comprise 8.48 % of the total trade books market, compared to 2.89% percent for the same period last year"

from the May 2010 APA press release.

Then, just for fun, add in this gossipy bit from Carnoy:

"Apple is claiming that it has already taken 20 percent of the e-book market. I've also heard similar, non-confirmed numbers come out of Barnes and Noble. If you believe those numbers, Amazon actually lost quite a bit of market share in the last year, though the overall pie is growing."

One of these numbers is not true. Which one do you think it is? If you think it's the Chronicle's number that is too high, here's how they got it:

"Amazon is estimated to have 19% of the book market, which implies the company sold 15.6 million hardcover books so far this year.

In its announcement yesterday, Amazon said it sold 143 Kindle books for each 100 hardcover books last quarter. (Last month alone, it sold 180 e-books sold for every hardcover book sold.)

If we use the ratio from the last quarter, it implies Amazon has sold around 22 million Kindle books so far this year. That's just the equivalent of 6% of the total print book market, which remains tiny."

The publishers association probably got their numbers right; they're just reporting data. And they are just a trade association.

Maybe it was a rounding error.
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