walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

iPad pre-review

The previous was posted from my iPad: yes, I bought a maxed out iPad (3G with whatever the most memory was when I ordered it) and a nice man from FedEx thumped on my door hard enough for me to actually hear it (probably because B.'s car was in the driveway so he was fairly certain someone was inside). Very nice man, that means I _got_ my iPad today, instead of waiting until they came back or having to drive some where to pick it up or whatever. Yay, FedEx. Given the numerous egregiously awful experiences I've had with them, this goes some ways to ameliorating my dislike.

The onscreen keyboard is something I may or may not ever adapt to. In any event, I didn't adapt fast enough to want to type in a full review on it, which says something.

I had to set up an account with the iTunes store in order to download the (free) kindle app. I'm not even gonna go there. Further, I had to reconfirm payment information with Amazon (that, at least, makes some sense) to use it. Once I had the kindle app downloaded omg I can see why people think the iPad is going to kill in the ebooks market. They are totally wrong, and here is why.

That screen is like going into a stereo store (which they probably don't call that any more if indeed they still exist, because even 10 years ago, bi-channel was dying a sad, quiet death) and listening to bright (that would be a technical term) speakers. They knock you back, make you pull out your wallet, and when you bring them home, they are so fatiguing to listen to you quit listening to music altogether. Which may explain in part why crap like the mp3 format has such legs.

The "bright" part of the analogy is that when you look at your list of books on the iPad kindle apple, you see beautiful, colorful, detailed, cover art. Yummmy. And the layout of the page on the screen is great. I haven't had a chance to check any of the oversize charts that are unreadably small (and font size manipulation does not increase the size) on a regular kindle -- a problem that was causing me to contemplate buying a DX even tho I still have my kindle 1 and my replacement kindle 2. I _did_ however check how recipes look on the iPad kindle app: and they are absolutely usable for cooking. If you can stand the thought of having your iPad anywhere near cake batter, say, we _finally_ have a viable cookbook replacement. And one that you don't have to break the spine on to get to stay open, because the idiot publisher couldn't be bothered to make a spiral edition for those of us who _use_ cookbooks instead of just wanking off while looking at the drooly food pictures. Which appears to be the market some cookbooks were aiming for.

But wow, it only took a few pages of reading on that thing to realize that I was not going to be voluntarily reading two novels a day on that thing. Or, really, even one.

However, having been suckered into setting up an iTunes store account, there's a chance I might start watching video on this thing. And it absolutely is going on vacation with me. If there's too much competition for it with the kids, maybe I'll buy them a cheaper one.

Should you buy one? Look, if it was a good decision for you, you already have. They're probably too expensive still. Just think of what's going to be out there in a few years tho...

ETA: the slider bar to go elsewhere in the book in the kindle app is awesome.

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