walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

frustrating day

In good news, we picked up the Wee-hoo iGo from REI today. Other than being something that attaches to a seatpost (which always makes me wonder how it's all going to turn out), it seems well-made and sturdy. It also looks like you could put a kid in it too short to reach the pedals and just treat it as a trailing seat. This is good, because A. lusts after the Burley Kazoo, but is way too young for it still.

The frustration was the result of no child care on the day my stuff is packed up in Seattle, which meant I was fielding a bunch of phone calls that I cared about while being distracted by A. Also, A. went down for a latish nap at 2 p.m., which meant she was still asleep when T. needed to be picked up. Fortunately, R. did not have a meeting, so he did the pickup. Unfortunately, T. was in a crappy mood, and by the time he came down from hanging out in the office with R., it was too late for the children's museum (either here in Acton or in Boston), or to catch the train up at the mall. We dragged both kids to REI to pickup the iGo, which I would have done earlier if I had been sure the staff were willing to bring it out to the van -- and if I had had the forethought to have R. drive the Fit and leave me the van.

A very frustrating day, all around.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on a lot of stuff I abandoned late in 2003. Among other things, I'm _really_ hoping the iMac arrives in some sort of functioning condition, because I don't think I got all my hiking pictures off of it.

And we will finally have a glorious excess of nice chairs: the wing chair, two sets of dining chairs, probably something else I'm forgetting. R. is excited about the bikes. There's a really nice filing cabinet, and some pictures I'd love to put up. The downside, of course, is sorting through and deciding what to do about all the inevitable duplicates. Altho honestly, we could use replacements for some of the stuff in the kitchen.

ETA: Yay! Everything is packed and loaded in one day instead of in two!
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