walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

breastfeeding story where I least expected it

I took T. to the mall to ride on the little train today. On our second bout of riding the train, I got to chatting with the older gentleman who runs it. He was saying he saw just about everything running the train and should write a book some day. He had a story about a 3-4 year old girl who didn't wear panties, and who lifted her skirt way up while riding the train. The mother didn't understand what the problem was with that; he told her he'd have to sanitize the seat afterwards, which makes some sense if you've ever been around small children's butts.

There was some chitchat about how the police used to fine young ladies at the beach who wore short shorts. It was okay at the beach, but not when they came out onto the esplanade or the street. There was the inevitable comparison to the way people dress now.

Then a story about a woman who bought four tickets and put her kid on the train and told him to let her know if he needed more. !!! She wasn't off to go shopping, however; she was just going to go nurse her other kid on the bench. I remarked that I had done exactly the same thing (put one kid on the train and nursed the other on the bench) just a few days before. After commenting about how that can be done discreetly, he then asserted he had no problem with that. By way of showing just how little problem he had with that, he then told a story about his granddaughter having two children less than a year apart and still nursing the first when she had the second -- and that she gave up on trying to be discreet when she was nursing both at the same time in front of him.

I told him I'd done that, too, even tho mine were three years apart. And he followed up with how he thought a lot of women were making a mistake using formula.

T. got a _really_ long train ride out of all this, and I was stuck musing once again about just what is it about me and hearing everyone's tandem breastfeeding story. It's not like I wear a t-shirt about tandem breastfeeding or anything. I wasn't nursing either kid on that outing (T. weaned a year ago last month anyway). I even had a bra on for a change. I don't think the gentleman running the kiddie train at the mall whas even on the list of people I expected to hear a story like that from.

But it was nice. He was a good guy. He made me feel like the world was a pretty neat place, supportive of some aspects of parenting that are still kinda closeted, even if it came with a hefty dose of judgment about a wide variety of things. Very New England. Very New Hampshire.
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