walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Mall, Children's Museum

Yesterday, we went to Boston to visit the Aquarium. We lasted about 7 or 8 minutes, and then T. had had enough. From there, we walked along the water-side of Rowe's Wharf and over the bridge to the Boston Children's Museum. There, we split up. Papa and T. did some climbing. A. and I went to the Au Bon Pain and lunchroom to have some snacks. Then A. and I went back to the room with all the little golf balls, and A. and Papa played for a while and I trailed after T. while he went on the slide a bunch. Then we went home. It was a very successful day.

Today, we went to Pheasant Lane Mall. T. went on the little train while A. and I went down to the Starbucks to get papa a venti soy mocha something or other. T. tracked us down (with Papa trailing along) and then it was back towards the train, stopping at Dunkin Donuts for munchkins while A. and I went to Gymboree next door and bought a whole bunch of clothes for both kids. That was a lot of fun.

We went down to Target, to get some kids meds. I took A. to Stride Rite for some summer shoes for A. (where for the First Time Ever, the young woman who helped us out was friendly and helpful. I dread that store, but this was a great experience.) And eventually, T. decided it would be more fun to go to the Children's Museum (by which he means the one here in town). We stopped at home briefly to drop off bags, then continued to the children's museum with a different stroller, in case I had to bail out with A. early. After we'd been there for a while, we went to Julie's Place for lunch. We saw my walking partner and her father there. M. asked me what had happened to my hand. I looked down and realized I had so many hand stamps from the last few days they looked almost like bruises. Then back home again to put A. down for a nap (whups, papa fell asleep for a while and I had to wake him up), and T. and papa went out on the bike with the bike trailer, where they still are. A. is awake and we are having afternoon snack and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the tivo machine.

It's always completely amazing to me when we have a day with absolutely no meltdowns (including me!). Two days in a row of family outings, too! Dunno what we'll do tomorrow; T.'s horse lesson has been rescheduled early.
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