walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

two sidelights

Having slavered all over Okrent's book, I now want to make a couple of minor, largely irrelevant remarks about it. First, there's a little story about a young woman during Prohibition who got unconscious-drunk in the company of a young man/men and her parents got a little letter on the subject. That young woman then grew up to become a house mother at a sorority. "But to look at Pauline Izor at sixty -- or at a photograph of one's own mother or grandmother -- and to try to imagine her as a falling-down drunk is unfathomable." Yeah, so, Okrent? Grow the fuck up. Altho the story does go a little ways towards explaining how college drinking culture might replicate itself over time. A bit overdetermined, but still.

There's a quote about Al Smith: ""Al is really a very stupid man," an admirer once said. "All he can see is the point.""

I would be a happy woman if someday, someone said something like that about me. I'm also looking forward to Stanley Walker's _The Night Club Era_ arriving from Better World Books via Amazon used books. I found it by searching on that phrase in google books.

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