walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

hoof and mouth disease

Okay, not really. And definitely not the livestock version, anyway. On our weekend in Albany to congratulate the kids' cousin on graduating from high school, A. was acting really sick again. We _had_ been mostly recovering from the previous cold/flu/respiratory virus/wtf. And she wasn't getting better Sunday night, so today, I asked R. to take her in to find out what's up. They say she has hand, foot and mouth virus, probably coxsackiesomethingorother. She'll be sick for a weekish, has sores in her mouth (as does R., actually, who is also feeling much sicker again -- T. and I are not sicker, or at least not as sicker as they are, altho we aren't getting better the way we were), is running a fever and not very hungry. The good news is, lethargic = napping more. The bad news is, wow, can she be clingy when she's sick.

We had such plans for this week. We were going to go to the aquarium. We were going to go to Canobie Lake. I was trying to set up playdates.

This is what I get for attempting to get out of the house.

Also, B. canceled due to illness, and T. refused all outings with me. We stayed inside almost the entire day, except when he bawled because R. took A. to the doctor and T. wanted to go with them. We waited tearfully outside for about 20 minutes until I successfully distracted T. by picking him up and tickling him, did some deep pressure, and then took him back inside to throw him on the couch. Repeatedly. Other than that, we did an ungodly number of jigsaw puzzles, played HoneyBee Tree and the Candyland Castle Game, set up the monorail, the wooden train set and the plastic train set (all at the same time. That is always kind of fun to watch), and watched a lot of TV.

R.'s meeting got rescheduled, so he spent a chunk of today napping with A.

ETA: T. and I have been singing some song games (mostly monkeys jumping on the bed and if you're happy and you know it, but also sometimes incy wincy and other stuff). I wonder if the "mama called the doctor and the doctor said" from monkeys jumping on the bed is why he wanted to go to the doctor with papa. Probably not. T. and R. go to the doctor a lot because of the asthma complicating respiratory stuff. Altho oddly, this time around it wasn't a problem.

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