walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

moving moving moving

Teddy and I have been at Homewood Suites on Western for a couple of nights now. R. joined us last night. He spent one more night at the apartment to be there bright and early when the packers arrived. In theory, they were to be followed by people who would crate some largish items that are delicate, and hopefully, by someone to pick up the car. In practice, some of these overlapped to a significant degree. Which was pretty chaotic for him, but amazingly efficient and, in general, a really good thing. Meanwhile, Teddy and I checked out the Children's Museum. That was fun.

This morning, he hurried back to let the loaders in, then realized he was missing some Very Important Keys. Teddy and I attempted to take a taxi over, but the car seat (the driver insisted) was partly disassembled because Teddy was playing in it, and I didn't know how to install it without using LATCH. Grrr. After futzing with it (the driver actually had it almost completely figured out, with some help over the cell from R.), the driver and I simultaneously realized, as I described what we were doing, that he could deliver the keys. So up Teddy and I went to the hotel room (where Teddy has been napping, after a short run down the hall and attempting to chew on some blind cords -- gack!), and the wonderful driver delivered the keys (for less than the two taxi rides would have cost us anyway). Yay!

The keys were for the storage unit, where there were bicycles that needed to be put in the moving van. Need the bicycles. Also, very expensive.

When the kid wakes up, I'll call child care, who we are going to see one last time, and head over to the Center House and/or the Children's Museum. Sometimes later this afternoon, B. should come over for a quick visit. At some point, dinner will happen. And tomorrow morning we fly out. Between now and then, we have to decide whether to check an extra bag with toys, or find a way to ship it. Maybe I'll ask at the front desk if they'll ship for us.
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