walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I don't trust people who can't do math

Specifically, would _you_ trust someone to put together a shelter to survive virtually any disaster, if they couldn't do math?

Stephen Colbert did a bit on Vivos, which made me giggle and, of course, google them. I saw a bunch of people saying that it was 20 shelters, 200 people per shelter, cost of $10 million per shelter to build. And the company may extend invitations to buy an ownership interest at $50K per adult/$25K per kid, hypoallergenic, quiet pets for free. I had a little trouble nailing down the $10 million per shelter to a company source, but here is one instance:


They're saying it's going to cost them $10 million to build, but selling the ownership interests at the highest possible rate would just barely break even, never mind the operating costs implied in the material.

Never mind they are selling condos to survive the apocalypse. I wouldn't buy a condo to survive the apocalypse from someone whose plan is to not even break even. That's just wacky -- the only way it makes sense is if they're planning on taking your money and _not_ building the condo.

Which is why I don't trust people who can't do math: maybe they _can_ do math, and I'm the mark.

It's probably just a practical joke anyway, or a way to sell some refitted nuclear fallout shelters with an animation of something entirely other.




"Fully functional" at 15K square feet for a little over a million. Pre bubble prices, so probably not that far off the mark for current. I wonder if I can find it in zillow.

Wow. Searching on 17 acre Alvarado got me a cached page off housing block with the address 10136 FM 1807 and a price of $500K. But current zillow price on that address (which, I might add, makes absolutely no sense to me) is well under $200K. *shrug*

ETAYA: But I think it's the right place:


Altho heaven knows I've made dumb that's-GOT-to-be-the-same-thing errors before.

Definitely not the same place. Never mind. I wonder which one it was? Or maybe somewhere else entirely. There was probably a whole crop of Nike sites in Alvarado.

http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM656B_DF_50_Launch_Battery_Alvarado_Texas is 10136 FM 1807. FM is "farm to market road" or something along those lines".

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