walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

go read _Last Call_ by Daniel Okrent

I'm not done with it yet, so this isn't a review. But seriously. Go get a copy, on your kindle, or hardcover, or request it from the library if it isn't on the new books shelf. Now. OMG awesomely readable history. Tons of stuff I had no idea about, lots of detail on the politics of how Prohibition happened in the lead up, the execution, and the fallout and end of Prohibition. R. knew some of what surprised me, because he saw a 2+ hour documentary on it a while back, so perhaps I'm the only poorly informed person out there, but just _wow_ this is fantastic reading.

I'm not sure precisely why this reminds me so strongly of _Wrestling with Moses_. Maybe the combination of breezy authorial tone, careful descriptions of everyone's motivations, relevant detail and a rollicking good story. Different authors, different publishers.
Tags: not-a-book-review, politics

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