walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

gail collins on last night's speech


That's better than a lot of what I've been hearing. I still feel like a lot of people are sort of missing what he's really doing. He splits the difference, so he sounds all reasonable. Then he waits. A bunch of people on one side say he's not going nearly far enough. A bunch of people on the other side say he's doing something completely crazy and unrelated to what he's actually doing. He repeats himself. The first group of people reiterate that he's not going nearly far enough. The second group of people ratchet it up a bit further into Crazy Town. Meanwhile, the extremely busy people in the middle go, what, hunh? And they pay attention to one of the major speeches, listen to the people saying he's not going far enough, and the crazy people who are just making shit up, and go, well, go on already, that makes sense -- and at the end of the process, that position in the middle has about 80% of the population on his side and the 20% opposed is accurately perceived as batshit crazy.

Do you think he cries at night, whenever a successful primary challenge moves us a bit further in the direction of the you're-not-going-far-enough territory? I don't.
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