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_All In_, Kate Willoughby (kindle)

This is the first in the Universal Wish Federation series (_A Wolf at Her Door_, which won an Eppie, was the second; the third appears to be as yet unpublished and perhaps unwritten).

In this entry, Our Heroine and Our Hero met six years ago playing in an amateur poker tournament. They hit it off, but since they lived a ways apart (San Jose and Vegas, IIRC, which I probably don't), made no effort to make it last longer than the time they were in Palm Springs for the tournament. He went on to become a pro; she started a specialty chocolate shop in Vegas. She watched him on TV during the World Poker whatever and wondered about what might of been. On that cruise with the onshore outing that led to the purchase of cheap woven bracelets that deliver wishes, she wished for a second meeting.

Davina, the fairy, shows up and delivers: 48 hours from when they first touch. Shortly after Davina's departure, Our Heroine gets an order for a wedding cake. When she goes to meet the bride and groom, she meets Our Hero, the groom's childhood (and adult) best friend.

They hit it off so quickly they don't make it out of the elevator as they ride down to the lobby together planning to get some dinner; instead, they head back upstairs to his suite where they pick up more or less where they left off six years ago. Nothing even remotely kinky in this outing, unless you count sex in a nominally public location at the end of the book (a closed off and dark function room where they are the only people -- they could be walked in on, but are not); just a lot of fairly detailed oral and tab p slot v. In order to get her HEA, Our Heroine has to come clean about the wish thing; otherwise, she remembers but his memory will be purged. She picks the gondola ride at the Venetian, in hopes that he can't run away mid-reveal and I was quite surprised that the description of the gondola ride was accurate -- the author didn't make it any more private or less cheesy than the reality. Very nice! Similarly, a short-notice outing to a steak restaurant at the Bellagio fails to get them view seats of the water show, which is as it should be.

It was fun. It was short, but it was fun. If Willoughby keeps writing (and right now, looking at her blog and noticing the shortage of 2010 posts? I'm a little worried), I'll keep reading.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction

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