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Ilona Andrews, _Magic Bleeds_ (kindle)

Ace publishing, which means Penguin, but the release date was late enough that I didn't have to wait particularly to read it on the kindle.

This fourth entry in an urban fantasy series set in an alternate Atlanta which has waves which change the world from the natural laws we know ("tech") and a whole 'nother set ("magic"). Over the last three books, Our Heroine has rejoined the Order, sort of, to attempt to solve/avenge the murder of her friend/guardian/sort of relative Greg; met Curran, Beast Lord, alpha of alphas among the shapeshifters; repeatedly fended off various overtures from magic-user extraordinaire Saiman, descended from Norse characters (a deity and a giant) and some number of humans; fought in a monster-magic tournament; and tried to avoid her necromantic father Roland and his minions. Also, interacted with other necromancers and their vampires, adopted a girl and became BFFs with Andrea, the knight-beastkin.

In this outing (hey, huge spoilers; you _know_ how this works, unless you got here through google), she finally commits to Curran, leaves the Order, has a substantive falling out with her BFF, meets her Aunt Erra and kills her. There's a lot of build-up to the meeting, and the killing takes a while, since they first have to work their way through Erra's seven whatsits (she's necromancing undead mages, so you can sort of see that this would not be easy). The events do not occur in the order I summarized.

I'm a little worried about this series, because the curse Erra emits to her niece as her niece is killing her is: "Die Alone". We've heard this curse in the Dresden Files, and my regular readers know how I now feel about that series. This series also has some violence within intimate relationships, altho it feels very different to me. In Butcher's books, the violence is this sort of stomach-churning omg how could this person do this to me, oh, I guess I have to forgive you because that's your nature but can I ever trust you and now I have to beat you up to make you sober up etc. thing. In Andrews' books, a lot of the violence between Our Heroine and His Furriness is, to put it bluntly, foreplay.

I'm not sure that's better.

I'm planning on buying the next one; I'm still enjoying these. But I'm prepared for that to change horrifyingly quickly in a way that causes me to reinterpret the earlier entries negatively.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction

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