walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I may not be posting much after the middle of the month

B. is getting married and we'll have a new person providing child care for about a week. Both kids are supposed to be in the wedding; hopefully everyone recognizes that flower girls and/or ushers that don't necessarily do what they are supposed to do is not too surprising. Hopefully the alterations on A.'s dress will be okay. And we should probably try the tux on T. They keep growing, which is why I put it off so long.

Last day of school for T.'s regular school year is the 17th. He gets 6 weeks in the summer, however. I had been expecting no school at the end of August, but he hadn't started school yet at this time of year last year, so I hadn't fully realized the gap between the end of the regular school year and the beginning of the summer program. Yikes. We probably should have had a vacation planned or something.

In any event, there will probably be a whole lot of outings and activities and so forth in an effort to keep T. from going completely bug nuts. I will likely survive, but my blogging may become very minimal.

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