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_Victorious_, Jack Campbell (kindle)

Published by Ace, and therefore I got it a little late as a result of the Penguin/Amazon war. When it did come out, pricing was "set by the publisher". I was able to get it a couple days before the other two books I was waiting for (which were new-in-hardcover, whereas the Lost Fleet novel is a paperback original -- your guess is as good as mine as to whether this is a fluke or somehow relevant).

This is book 6 in the Lost Fleet series and as the title indicates, things go well for the No Longer Lost Fleet and Black Jack Geary. While his grand-nephew Michael does not reappear (*sniff*), Jack has a couple heart-to-hearts with Jane. Step one is checking in with the leaders of the Alliance who of course are expecting him to want to take over. He doesn't and even manages to convince (most of) them that he doesn't. His reward, inevitably, is to be sent back out with a few more ships and replenished ammo etc. to finish off the Syndic leadership and then go find out what is up with the aliens.

Which he does. Throughout the book, people on both sides of the war (and the aliens) persist in wanting to use the hypernet gates to destroy star systems -- and Geary keeps having to figure out ways to stop them, either by talking them down, showing them the results at Kalixa or revealing their intent and thus motivating other people to prevent the dastardly deed. Once the Syndics are in sufficient disarray, a confrontation with the aliens occurs as they arrive to take over a Syndic system now that the Syndic reserve flotilla (blown away in book 5) is gone. That's almost an anti-climax, involving the weird worm introduced earlier in the series.

Having neatly dealt with all the Big Bads, Geary artfully dodges his re-promotion to Admiral long enough to chase down His True Love and declare himself. Awwww. So cute.

A satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable series. RHI their will be related novels. Here's hoping those rumors are true. In the meantime, if you're looking for more Campbell, track down John G. Hemry's JAG in Space series; you can get it in non-DRM'd electronic format from Baen's website.
Tags: book review, sf
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