walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the war is over? really?


Courtesy, once again, Mr. Trachtenberg, posted less then a half hour ago, as near as I can tell. I quick check on Jim Butcher's latest Dresden novel, _Changes_, still no kindle version available. Thus while Trachtenberg says it's over, Penguin will be providing kindle version and Amazon will be putting them up for sale, there's really no telling when they will actually be available. Having been a party to the process of updating that catalog in the past, if they manage to get this stuff out in under 24 hours I will be shocked, amazed and generally pleased.

The other night, I had resigned myself to having to wait a year or more, unless I was prepared to buy DTB (I _love_ this TLA. Dead tree books. Yum. It sounds sooooo atavistic.) substitutes (which thus far I have resisted, for series that I had already been buying on the kindle), so resolving this in two months is tolerable.

I would just like to further note that wow, the discipline of the two companies in question. No useful leaking at all that I could detect and, even more incredible, since we will presumably be able to investigate all on our own, _nothing_ in this article about what kind of pricing scheme was settled up. _Nothing_.

ETA: 2:36 pm EST and the last book in the Lost Fleet series is up! Woooooohooooo!
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