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_Changeless_, Gail Carriger (kindle)

Good news! Carriger is published by Orbit, which is owned by Hachette (if you think Orbit is owned by some other big 6 firm, well, you used to be right). This is entry #2 in the Alexia Tarrabotti series; entry #3 is due out in September, with a bit of a teaser at the end of this one.

Steampunk urban fantasy set in Victorian England. There are vampires and werewolves, but Alexia is "soulless", a "soul-sucker" to the vampires, a "curse-breaker" to the werewolves. If she touches a supernatural critter, that supernatural critter becomes mortal once again. If she touches a ghost's former body, the ghost is exorcised. Permanently.

Alexia nee Tarrabotti is married to Lord Maccon, who is a werewolf. This entry is about her husband's former clan, a large portion of which serves the Queen as a regiment. Returning home through Egypt, they brought home some antiquities and with them, something which made them all turn mortal, and which had the effect of turning everything mortal within a certain distance of them as they traveled home to Scotland (Scottish werewolf. It's a joke people just cannot stop themselves from making.)

Carriger had a whole group of very, very pretty drones for Lord Akeldama in book 1, so readers are unlikely to be surprised by Madame Lefoux. I was charmed.

The book ends with Alexia learning the true cause of her queasiness on the dirigible ride. Unfortunately, Everyone Knows that werewolves (having been dead for a looooonnnngg time, at least in Lord Maccon's case) can't procreate (never mind that Alexia, as a preternatural, is an exception to damn near every rule in this universe), so Lord Maccon turfs her out and not nicely either -- thus setting up for book #3, _Blameless_. If you don't like cliffhangers, pick this up and then sit on it until the next one shows up in September.

But it was a very entertaining read.
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