walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

blogation on the penguin/amazon war


Try to ignore the subject/verb number mismatch -- it's a good analysis.

I'll be editing this repeatedly.

Not strictly speaking on the war:


But wacky. I agree with the blogger's point: the confusion is the salient takeaway from that discussion, and provides a lot of insight into the book industry. They're acting like idiots because they honestly cannot get past the book as a physical object. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, yet I am. Some days, I feel like there are no adults out there anymore, just older children. I suspect that this is only going to get worse over time.

There was also a moderately amusing blogger who pointed to a May 20 FT article in which a Penguin guy was saying how important it was to sell on as many platforms as possible to avoid piracy becoming entrenched. Because, funny? Right?

But a whole lot less commentary on this topic than I would have expected. Maybe I'm not searching for this stuff the right way.
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