walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Waiting for Wednesday_, Mari Carr (kindle)

Third in the series about the large family of siblings that runs an Irish pub in Baltimore. The first entries (_Come Monday_ and _Ruby Tuesday_) were about two of the sisters; this is the first one about one of the brothers, half of a set of twins.

Tristan has spent quite a while enjoying Wednesday evenings chatting with Lane who comes in after her nursing shift. One night, however, he gets a call from her. She's finally left her verbally and emotionally abusive husband and he beat her up and she wound up in the hospital. He visits; she convinces him to leave -- and the next morning, she's left town, and doesn't come back for a year.

Lane was raised by her grandmother until that grandmother died, then in foster care until adulthood. Needless to say, she has some commitment issues. Part of why she hung out at the bar was to see the large Collins family in action. Pop Collins has a stroke and the kids hire her to rehab him, thus supplying a convenient excuse to have her move in upstairs. It doesn't take long for Tristan to Move Their Relationship To Another Level, and shortly after that he starts poking around in her past and her psyche.

Meanwhile, the ex resurfaces, using Lane's sole memento of her absent family (a picture of her dimly remember grandmother) to force her to meet with him. There's a bit of a suspenseful climax as her ex goes Right Over the Edge -- a little revenge fantasy, a little of the heroic rescue, a little of the no, let me take that bullet for you.

It continues to be a strong series, but now I actually have to wait for Ms. Carr to write the next one, because I foolishly read this one a little too quickly. As I have mentioned in reviews of previous books in this series, the publisher is Ellora's Cave and these are available only in electronic format.
Tags: book review, contemporary erotica
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