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scam detectors still working at full capacity

Someone knocks on my door at 1:45 p.m. and I'm thinking, okay, UPS has already been here. And that's a full 15 minutes early for my walking partner. I open the door and there's a woman standing there who starts a rather ridiculous spiel about how she's working for points towards some program to get jobs and go back to inner city Cleveland or Cincinnati or something and how am I doing at maintaining eye contact and not annoying people and etc. And the progress of the spiel is quite clearly leading up to getting me to buy something I don't want to by and when she refers to herself as a "young person like myself", and she makes a remark about wanting to know how people get nice houses like these where I come form etc. I just think, this does not sound right. This is all lined up to get me to do something that I would never, ever, ever do under normal circumstances and that is not the way reasonable people do business. I'm okay with people showing up saying, hey, buy this it's for a good cause, but this spiel is wrong wrong wrong.

Did I mention Discover Unlimited Possibilities? Well, it was slightly tricky to track the program down, which shows right there what a problem there must be. It was _not_ hard to find people who had been scammed by this operation. Here are a few links:




I could go on, but why?

The last time some solicitor caught my scam detector, I contacted the town to find out whether the young man had a peddlar's license, which Mayberry required. He did. I don't think I care enough to go after this one.

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