walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

interrupted sleep, ISP outage and errands

Around 1 a.m. this morning, when A. was waking up for her first hey-where's-that-boob session, I checked her diaper, because she is often wet. Only this time, I encountered fecal matter. *sigh* R. heard us in the bathroom and came to help out, which was nice, and we all got back to sleep (well, I assume R. got back to sleep). Then around 5 a.m., A. (several hey-where's-that-boob sessions later) was wide awake and trying to get out of bed. There was no way in hell I was going to let that happen and after some bitter crying, she went back to sleep. Then she didn't wake up until well after 9, which is _late_ for her.

I woke up when my walking partner called at 9:18 a.m. I called her back twice, because she didn't respond to the first call and I didn't get a message back. I attempted to check my e-mail, because I (correctly) imagined she was on the computer and not hearing the phone ring. But I couldn't connect to my webmail; I was getting a network solutions page instead. I tried not to panic, and called the ISP even tho I knew they weren't going to answer because they are in Seattle and they wouldn't be answering the phone until 11 a.m. my time (after my walk). Their message inbox wasa full so I couldn't even leave a message.

I decided to catch up on phone messages, which included a mysterious message from Littleton Electric about a planned outage. We aren't even their customer. I called them back and asked to have my phone number removed from their database. I called Concord Public Works about an Earth Machine, and arranged to go pick one up and pay today and then I did that right away. By the time I got back, all of the ISP's pages were pointing to Network Solutions, so I pulled the service number out of google's cache and learned that the problem is fixed and propagation should happen within 8 hours at the most and probably a lot sooner, reboot might speed it up.

At some point, I should have lunch. It really feels like there's been a whole lot of low-grade drama in the last couple of days.
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