walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

we collectively survived Teddy's first birthday

Including a first birthday party attended by a couple dozen people, almost half of whom were small(ish) children (6 months to almost 10 years). Lots of nifty presents, including pull toys and stackers and bath toys and an amazingly cool push/pull/ride-on toy (handle hauler, or something like that). It is plastic and large but extremely cool.

Today, I hauled out the Big Box of Clothes Too Big for Teddy, and pulled out the 12-18 month stuff. It is now being washed, to neutralize other-people's-laundry smell and replace it with our own. This is not cleaning. They were already extremely clean.

Lots and _lots_ of clothes. I kept thinking, hmmm, he's starting to outgrown things, and Sept 22 (the end of the window during which our stuff should arrive in NH) is over a month away. If I don't unpack stuff, I might have to buy stuff, which would be one more task I don't need and, more importantly, I suspected he already had an insane amount of clothing. And he does! Including a couple of Halloween possibilities (altho not pirate stuff, still, free is good).

In addition to the handle hauler (which has been good for an hour of play already), the nesting stacker has been a big winner. It can be used as a top, a nesting toy and/or a stacking toy (and in pretty much any combination). Plus, chewable. It was good for a solid 25 minutes this morning. Impressive.

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