walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Had fun at McDonald's!

Okay, so you're probably thinking, what? First, the obvious confession, yes, a large percentage of T.'s calories come from those french fries. It is sad and distressing to us, too. Second, what could I possibly mean, claiming to have had fun at McDonald's?

Well, T. wanted to go to Julie's Place and get a waffle on the way home from the park (because, after all, that's what we do, sometimes skipping the playground entirely). I was really not happy about the idea of going there at 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday, much less Mother's Day and the parking lot confirmed that my one hope (maybe everyone went upscale for Mom's Day brunch) was the b.s. that R. thought it was. So we went home and I convinced T. to accept a substitute: french fries at McDonald's. We went. We got fries and then some chicken nuggets (of which he actually had 1 and part of another, which was more than I expected). The fries weren't very hot. The place was mostly empty. Whatever.

But T. has been downright chatty lately, and he gets that we only understand some of the things he's trying to say, so when he wants to converse -- as we all are inclined to do -- he repeats himself a lot and slowly adds to his repertoire over time. There's a lot of mailbox! Or, red car! Or, riding in the blue car! (Punctuation in his pronunciation.) Frequently, there's "get gas!", and lately I keep having to try to explain to him that the gas tank is full. He finally understood, and said it the way I _should_ have: "get gas all done".

Often, when we're done with an activity and headed home, I ask him if he had fun doing whatever we just did. He _never ever ever_ replies. But today, he volunteered: "Had Fun McDonald's!" Sure, he was probably just repeating with emphasis what I normally would have asked him (just like when I was about to tell him I needed to run inside and get my bag and my wallet, and he volunteered, "get bag! get wallet!" which initially confused the hell out of me, because he is not nearly as intelligible as I'm implying he is and with inadequate context and only vowels, it can be an impossible puzzle). I don't care. He told me he had fun at McDonald's. That was awesome.
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