walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

It's Probably Just Me

Book #2 in the Will Buy Immediately category for me is now unavailable on the kindle and $9.99 in hardcover. Not having these hardcovers stacking up around the house was a very compelling feature of the kindle, and it turns out I'm willing to wait at least a full month in the case of Jim Butcher's _Changes_ and some unknown amount of time in the case of Charlaine Harris' _Dead in the Family_ to read the book, rather than have a physical copy to deal with.

Also, I persist in not buying _The Checklist Manifesto_ (feeling really good about that one) and _The Big Short_ (feeling even better about that one, as I'm reading _Econned_). Just so you publishers know, I thought _13 Bankers_ was worth picking up in hardcover (I would have bought _Econned_ hardcover, too, but couldn't find it on the shelf at Willow the two times I looked -- I might have missed it), because I intend to pass it along to the Mayberry library after I'm done with it. I don't mind a physical book, if I want to proselytize. I _do_ mind being forced to deal with paper if it is Just For Me.

I am shopping less on Amazon, but that has very little to do with the kindle to-do and a lot to do with unrelated issues (sun, exercise).
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