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Dental Adventures, Taxes and Eastover

It's been an eventful few days. Last week I finally got to the dentist (had to wait a month for an initial appointment, which was a bummer, because it had already been 6 months since my last cleaning, and I knew I needed one because all the chaos meant I had not been as reliable as I usually am about my teeth). I don't much like dentists anyway, and this lot was chaotic. The receptionist went missing, among other things. But most obnoxious, I still didn't get a cleaning -- they just spent an hour measuring and using a camera and poking, and then told me I really needed a cleaning (duh), and should get one every three months until the "marginal gingivitis" (I knew about that) improved (fine by me) but they couldn't actually schedule a cleaning for another month.

Wait a second. I thought I was getting a cleaning that day. And I knew it was urgent. But no, because they needed to do a deep cleaning, they needed an hour and a half and blah blah blah. Whatever. Scheduled me for May, and I went to the Y to burn off some ire, and saw Allison, way cool, haven't seen her in a month or so. Still cranky when I got home, so popped open the phone book, found a dentist that would see me in two days and schedule a cleaning then. So Friday, they told me what I already knew (mild gingivitis), did the cleaning, confirmed the shallow cavity in the back molar, pointed out where some earlier shallow fillings were looking not so good, and were able to schedule fixes for all of them this week. Yay. I mean, dentists never a great experience, but wow. Efficient people.

And I could tell they did a phenomenal job cleaning, because a year or so ago I chipped a tiny piece off one of front teeth. Incredibly annoying sharp spot that dulled over time, and cleaning never affected it before. This time, it was almost like I'd just chipped it the first time. Same texture and everything. Weird.

This morning, Monday, the first dentist calls saying they've had a cancellation. I had mailed them a check on Friday (which wouldn't have arrived yet), along with a request to mail the X-rays to the new dentist, but had not called to cancel the May cleaning. Whups. So I said, sorry, already got the cleaning at another dentist. She goes, "But we just saw you last week. So you're not going to be our patient." I'm like, catching up slowly, but steadily. The lessons I'm taking away from this experience are: I don't want a D.M.D., I want a D.D.S. and young professionals early on in their practice have time and are up-to-date and diligent.

Post-dentist, I mailed my taxes, which I did entirely by myself for the first time in over five years. Last year, I attempted to do my taxes, and realized I had not been reviewing my tax guy's work adequately. I had him amend three years worth of taxes as a result, and even then I had to have him fix an error on the 2002 return before sending it in. I had to figure out some new stuff (like, calculating the cost basis on zeros that one has held for a few years, not to mention all the nonsense with the rate changes May 5) but I think it's right. And later that afternoon, I picked Roland up at work, and we went down to the Milky Way to see the Dresden Dolls with Mike. Very fun, but it made for a late night, since we then drove down to Connecticut for Eastover weekend at his mother's.

Since I had met nearly everyone (except the parents of one of the brother-in-laws) last Christmas, the weekend was fairly uneventful. There was good food (but no official Seder; and I'll tell you, it's a little weird watching someone put Easter ham on kosher-for-passover Egg Matzoh), good wine, good whiskey and a baseball game. Also an intermittent egg hunt for the nieces and nephew (there are two nephews, but one was too young to participate). Without thinking, when asked where I was religiously, I made some comment about being very down with the bunnies and eggs, that I was pagan, which apparently went over well, even though it isn't entirely true.

Because one of the sisters had bought insane numbers of Red Sox tickets for her son's Xmas last year, people disappeared for various ball games at Fenway. We could have gone, but we opted for waterfalls at Wadsworth Falls State Park instead, then came back the scenic route, stopping in Northhampton, where we found an open used book store (!!!) and Paul and Elizabeth's, a truly fine vegetarian + seafood restaurant which had dairy free chocolate mousse cake and a dairy free fish chowder.


It made up for dentists and taxes. Really it did.
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