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what to do, what to do

I've been delaying on making a decision on the latest Jim Butcher, because I really don't want to own it in paper, and I'm too lazy to screw around with my address to buy it from the UK site (if, indeed, that little trick even works -- or still works). However, soon, the pressure will be upped a little, with the release of the latest Sookie Stackhouse book by Charlaine Harris. Other people are feeling even more pressure, because they read JR Ward. I don't, altho I find the reviews over at SBTB highly entertaining.


This blogger says that Penguin has actually been redirecting complaining Real Customers (you know, the people who buy the books to read them, not the bookstores who buy the books to sell them to readers) to B&N. Wow.

Here's why I'm actually pointing to this blog entry, however:

"I bought my Kindle because it's small and I can usually download and read whatever I want, whenever I want. In fact, I could make the argument that since I bought it, I've read way more books in the last few months than I've read in the last *year*. I've taken chances on authors that I might not have tried if I'd just seen them in the bookstore** and found some I really like. Enough to continue buying all their books, even if they aren't necessarily my all-time favorites. And now I'm being forced to purchase a book in a format that I don't want just to have the opportunity to read it. As a reader, I resent this."

Anyone out there in publisher-land who hasn't fully grasped that there are people there who have _fully_ transitioned to reading books electronically should sit up now and pay attention. And all those people who think that a dedicated reader is a dead end? You are _so_ silly.
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