walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

It's All God's Fault

I no longer believe in an interventionist deity. Even when I did believe in a personal, transcendent Creator God who took an interest in the lives of us down here on planet Earth, I did not take the whole thing about the bird and thus us literally. God might or might not notice when we die but that in no way implies he's going to take any action on that basis. That was then.

In any event, I saw on a google news headline that Laura Bush has a new book out, in which she says a bit about that time she killed a classmate by failing to stop at a stop sign. I had to read it a few times to comprehend what she was saying, because it was so utterly mind-boggling. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been surprised. She married -- and stayed married -- to her husband, and his grasp of logic is, well, tenuous would be a strong interpretation.

Ordinarily, people lose their faith because God fails to intervene to save them or someone they love from bad weather or unforeseen circumstances of some sort. But Laura Bush thinks God should have saved someone from _her bad act_, and lost faith in God because He didn't. Here's the relevant quote:

"I lost my faith that November," she wrote. "Lost it for many, many years. It was the first time that I prayed to God for something [specifically, for the person in the other car to still be alive] ... and it was as if no one heard."

Taken from this coverage:


Apparently, Laura Bush's God is the Enabler to End All Enablers. Exactly what one would expect from the woman who married That Asshole.

As for her theory that she was poisoned? Hardly surprising. That family sees malicious intent in everything, and if there isn't malicious intent, it's not worth troubling oneself about. Hurricanes near New Orleans? No terrorism, thus, no managerial attention necessary.

What a worldview.
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