walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

it's not that _no one_ is covering the story...

It's just that not very many people are covering it.


_Is going to_? Hey, the latest Dresden, _Changes_ was supposed to be out on the 6th. Of April. I've been trying to buy it on the kindle for close to three weeks now. Now, I _could_ do a sneaky and change my address to pretend I live in the UK, buy it, and then switch it back. At least, it sounds like that worked for people posting on Butcher's website.

Short form: Penguin and Amazon have been engaged in a pricing battle of epic proportions for the better part of a month. Unlike the battle involving Macmillan, however, this one isn't getting any coverage outside of blogs. And very little coverage inside of blogs.

Maybe it's too dark in there to read.

ETA: BW had a single paragraph on it and no follow-up.


ETA: WSJ covered the non-agreement at the beginning of the month. I can't find followup. Their URL is too unattractive to post here. SlashGear covered it, too:

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