walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Where did that week go?

Yesterday (Sunday), we went to Connecticut to see R.'s family. That was nice. I made a horrible, stupid, no-good mistake, and ate some ice cream when I meant to be eating fake ice cream. R. caught it, and the only impact is increased post-nasal drip: no hacking cough, no throwing up or other unpleasantness. But I'm going to be _really_ careful for a while.

T. has figured out how to detect the book trick at the bookstore for the chicken socks draw it again book, so we are not going to the bookstore until I come up with a new clever plan, possibly involving replacing the red zip tie that is the primary difference between new and not-new.

This week is spring break. Also we all continue to suffer from colds and/or allergies.
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