walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

what to replace indian point with? how about some of these?


Waste to energy, aka, incinerators, have a checkered history, but according to this article, those few Danes with enough spend to live in suburbia like having them behind their houses (where their carports face) because it reduces heating costs and is otherwise a silent, odor-free, inoffensive neighbor (complaints about a light on the chimney being the worst of it, if this article is to be believed). How is this possible? Well, let's not lose track of the cultural context: these people recycle 2/3rds of their waste stream and will fine the crap out of you for putting a recyclable in the garbage. And they recycle food waste. If the food is out of the waste stream, the rats and insects will be minimal; if you filter your chimney and carefully handle what you capture, the rest of the problems are dealt with.

From my perspective, I'd _much_ rather fill our world with these than more nuclear reactors. If we decide this didn't work out so good, we're back to our trash-in-landfills problem. If we decide the nukes didn't work out...
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